What is DevSecOps and Why Is It So Important?

In 2022, we will see more Chief Information Security Officers (‘CISO’) adopting a DevSecOps model; which will bring a “security-first” approach to DevOps technology.

This is an important step in preventing security breaches because it ensures that security is not an afterthought when developing software.  DevOps technology is comprised of several different tools including Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment.  The DevSecOps model is an extension and evolution of the DevOps model. The security principles and tactics are embedded in the workflow and mindset, and security professionals can take advantage of the tools that exist in this space.

CISOs should embrace the DevSecOps model because it prioritizes and includes security deliverables to the development process, increasing their organization’s ability to protect themselves from cyberattacks.  Which unfortunately by today’s standards, happens every few seconds for several organizations.

A DevSecOps model applies the security practices that are usually reserved for development, be applied to the process of delivery. This concept is based on the idea that security should be an integrated part of every stage of a product’s lifecycle, not an afterthought.  This is a very different way of approaching development projects that are accustomed to rapid development and delivery.

The DevSecOps model is a collaboration between security and development teams. It’s a more secure way of developing software through faster release cycles, better coordination, and improved communication. But the key here is Continuous Communication and Collaboration!  This is where Best Practices and a proven Project Methodology become a crucial part of DevSecOps.

Another advantage for CISOs and development teams is that DevSecOps is a collaborative approach to application security, it provides an opportunity for developers to fix problems in their code before they become vulnerabilities. The aim of DevSecOps is to make developers aware of potential liabilities as soon as possible and then work together on implementing fixes upstream.

DevSecOps will help CISOs ensure their organization, client, and trade partners are operating in a secure environment and their data and digital assets are safe from outside threats and malicious users. 

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