IT Project and Portfolio Management

Every delivery leader would agree that an objective of every organization is to have consistent, uniform, and repeatable delivery execution. Professional and consulting services firms will need strong, industry-proven project management capabilities, as well as the appropriate management and governance structure to measure and monitor the project portfolio, to achieve this.

While project portfolio management services began as a set of tools and approaches to support the IT organization, business executives realized that many of PPM’s methods could be applied more broadly across the enterprise as they were under pressure to deliver results in a more agile and seamless manner. As a result, PPM has risen in popularity, and it is now utilized to improve governance in a variety of sectors, including capital projects, R&D efforts, post–merger and acquisition (M&A) integrations, and even Six Sigma programmers within plants and factories. Some companies are even building project portfolio management solutions to manage the enterprise portfolio, with enterprise portfolio management offices (EPMOs) in charge of providing oversight and insight into work being done across the firm. PPM solutions have been embraced by EPMOs or their counterparts to develop organization-wide standards and reporting, allowing executives to see the real-time status of a variety of work tasks at both the enterprise and functional levels.

What We Offer

When we talk about a portfolio, what precisely do we mean? In fact, thinking in terms of a project portfolio is becoming increasingly restricted, and it needs to be reframed. Multiple methods of delivering and managing work are increasingly being overseen by PPM. In other words, rather than viewing its mission as a set of projects provided sequentially over time, each with a beginning and an end, PPM has begun to conceive in terms of products for which solutions are delivered on a regular basis to alter and improve the product over time.

Project & Portfolio Management Assessment

GPMS Consulting will review the end-to-end management of your projects, from inception to close, both at the individual project execution level and from the portfolio governance perspective, to identify opportunities for improvement in process and data standardization, automation, and organizational behavior.

✔️  The scope and effectiveness of your PMO, or the need to establish one

✔️  Project management methodologies, practices, and tools

✔️  Project and portfolio measurement framework

Software Implementation

Each organization’s software development and implementation is unique, thus having a dependable project manager to oversee the project from conception to completion on time is critical. We have an experienced team of professional project managers, who can provide consulting and assistance in order to help you to find the best solutions for your company.
Project Managers are required to plan, manage, and follow up on all projects, especially those requiring software implementation and development, to ensure that sufficient resources are working on the various elements of the project and that tasks are done on time and on budget.

Project Management Fundamentals

Poor project execution is a major cause of shrinking service margins and low customer satisfaction. Project managers are always looking for ways to improve their project management skills and ensure that projects are completed successfully. Project Management Fundamentals is a specialist project management course designed for the technology and software industries. The program is meant to reinforce and strengthen strong project management discipline as well as educate proven, practical aspects of sound project management in order to achieve breakthrough outcomes and customer satisfaction. 

PPM/PMO Maturity Assessment

Through a systematic assessment approach based on seven success indicators, evaluate current methodology and tools with an emphasis on strategy, project management, PPM, and change management practices. GPMS Examine the decision-making, communication, and governance processes to see how effective they are. By using GPMS’s maturity model, prioritize recommendations and create a step-by-step path for increased growth.

PPM Enhancement/Implementation

Projects in the portfolio should be aligned with strategic objectives. GPMS helps you to Establish/improve the prioritizing and selection procedure for projects. Develop a procedure for doing PPM analysis, including resource capacity and portfolio balance.

Technical Support

We offer online support via phone and web-based screen sharing to our clients. We can give appropriate support for your specific needs if we collaborate with you.

Control Your IT Portfolio

Our IT Portfolio Management can help you regain control of your IT projects by merging IT infrastructure, governance, and services with the company’s strategic goals. Furthermore, the Hartman Executive Advisors IT project management team will ensure that your IT projects and resources benefit your firm and generate significant long-term economic value by tracking the performance of your portfolio. Projects will be monitored on a regular basis to determine which initiatives are on course to accomplish company goals, which require support, and which should be terminated.