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GPMS Partners with GitLab to Provide Continuous DevOps Solutions to Customers!

GPMS Partners with GitLab to Provide Continuous DevOps Solutions to Customers!

A global leader in delivering advanced DevOps solutions and services, GPMS is excited to announce its new channel partnership with GitLab (NASDAQ: GTLB), the most utilized DevOps tool platform among larger organizations. GPMS delivers innovative technology solutions integrating principles of Agile Methodologies and Strategies. We expertly resolve problems surrounding DevOps, Application Integration, Blockchain, PPM, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analytics to significantly improve a company’s ROI.

This special partnership with GitLab will directly provide greater technological solutions and best practices to the expanding DevOps continuum. In addition, the rapid acceleration of organizations transforming into cloud-native organizations means that the demand for DevOps services growing exponentially.

GPMS is a GitLab Certified Sales Partner certified in CI/CD, Migration Services, Security, Solution Architecture, and Project Management. For more information about our services and GitLab, please contact us today.

What is GitLab?

GitLab is a comprehensive and complete DevOps platform that allows GPMS to support application, infrastructure, and security managers, along with their teams, in planning and delivering applications with automation and efficiency. From security and monitoring to managing source codes and project implementation, GitLab is the ideal platform for team collaboration, decreasing product lifecycles, and building exceptional software essential for the success of any project.

When your company relies on our partnership with GitLab, you’ll enjoy the following advantages that you won’t find with other DevOps providers:

  • Maximizing your competitive dominance with accelerated software development
  • Automating testing, deployment, and implementation of software
  • Streamlining collaboration among team silos
  • Gaining inter-organizational recognition by accelerating application development and delivery
  • Coordinating and managing project deliveries in one, efficient interface
  • Rapid application of quality control measures as software development is immediately activated following the introduction of code blocks
  • Cloud-native tool supported by strong security protocols

Organizations are learning how automating as many processes as possible is vital to achieving optimal application success. Our partnership with GitLab will help guide your organization through a roadmap of innovation shifting the enterprise past the competition and into the next stratosphere of distributed computing provided by an advanced cloud delivery model.

GPMS Resolves Challenges to Implementing DevOps

Although IT managers are open to change, they often find it difficult to modify organizational culture involving individual behavior. For DevOps to be successful, everyone must work together as a cohesive team committed to flexible communication and collaboration.  As part of the GPMS Agile Methodology, visibility and transparency become the foundation for developing communication strategies that support diverse pipelines and processes examining the organization holistically.

In order to provide automation and continuous delivery, traditional project management methodologies are usually not fluid enough to support rapid development and testing. GPMS provides solutions for adjusting the standard top-down approach to a bottom-up approach advocated by DevOps principles. In other words, it is the developers, not the managers, who should be given the control over security, testing, and management of software projects.

As the number of cyberattacks increases by the minute, organizations cannot afford to neglect to invest in infrastructure security. Moreover, companies need to start thinking about security at the beginning of the Development Lifecycle starting with the developers.  GPMS provides DevSecOps solutions to ensure application and network security are considered and implemented as a primary part of the application development and not an afterthought post-deployment.  By implementing security into the Development Lifecycle organization are better prepared for global deployments and can go live with the most advanced application security.

The demand for DevOps is growing exponentially as companies are seeking to advance their products and services with continuous development and accelerated delivery.  In a research report by Global Market Insights:

“DevOps Market size exceeded USD 4 billion in 2019 and is poised to grow at over 20% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. The market is expected to undergo a dynamic transition as advancements in automated software development and zero-touch automation technologies are driving the demand for DevOps tools.“

By delivering exceptional products and services, GPMS brings 17 years of knowledge and experience servicing a Fortune 500 global client base across various industries and verticals.  For this reason, the future for the GPMS/GitLab partnership looks extremely prosperous.  To become part of the journey, contact us and let GPMS and GitLab guide your organization into the most advanced cloud infrastructure for 2022 and beyond.

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