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GPMS Partners with GitLab to Provide Continuous DevOps Solutions to Customers!

GPMS Partners with GitLab to Provide Continuous DevOps Solutions to Customers! A global leader in delivering advanced DevOps solutions and services, GPMS is excited to announce its new channel partnership with GitLab (NASDAQ: GTLB), the most utilized DevOps tool platform among larger organizations. GPMS delivers innovative technology solutions integrating principles of Agile Methodologies and Strategies. […]

Solutions to Challenges When Managing a DevOps Project

DevOps (Development and Operations) is an increasingly popular method of developing software systems as well as other leading-edge projects. The core of DevOps involves an intense focus on team collaboration, the elimination of silos (lack of synergy between departments), and meeting or exceeding the goal of providing the best quality product possible. As more companies […]

Automation & Chaos Engineering Become Much More Important

Traditionally, development was a precise, arduous art; each piece of a project had to be independently constructed then carefully assembled into a final product capable of handling unseen issues. However, not only was this a slow process but trying to predict unseen issues in advance led to unexpected problems down the road. It is difficult […]

Top Strategies for the Project Manager

A new project is developing slowly, without any deliverable to pass along to the customer. The team needs a clearer strategy for production. This is where the project manager comes in; a project manager who understands their options when it comes to DevOps and different development methods is a critical tool in multiplying a project’s […]