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How Do Banks Get Started With The Blockchain for Trade Finance? Start With The GPMS Blockchain Assessment!

Legacy Systems! Integration! Security Firewalls! Regulatory!  Here are just some of the reasons banks are struggling with their blockchain implementations.  Why are so many POC’s taking so long to get to production?  Because the POC’s are not answering all the questions the business needs to address before getting additional funding for a production release.  This […]

Whether You Choose Agile or Waterfall, Remember These 3 Key Points

I can easily start this blog with why a project manager should choose Agile over Waterfall methodology or vice versa but that would just start a wave of comments and controversy that personally I don’t want to get involved with at this time.  Fortunately, you will find advocates for both styles and case studies that […]

Continuous Productivity with DevOps

If there was ever a time DevOps was needed, it’s now!  With the pandemic affecting businesses around the world, the ability to ‘keep the business moving forward’ is essential.  And with a remote workforce greater than ever before, companies need to solutions to maintain their operations.  This is where DevOps can help.  Coined by Patrick […]